Sunday, 19 September 2010

Proposed Highway Threatens Greatest Wildlife Migration on Earth

Se 19 2010

Serengeti National Park's globally significant…

City Slickers and Country Folk Alike Take Part in "Open Farm" Day

Wagons West:
One of the 35 farms in the province who agreed to host this event which took place on Sunday, Sept. 19th.


A visitor enjoys the horses at Wagons West. 
"Wagon's West" is a secluded spot northeast of Roblin. Leroy and Debbie Wandler raise and sell saddle horses, offer hay rides, weiner roasts, fishing and hunting expeditions in summer, along with sleigh rides & snowmobiling in the winter.

Open Farm Day was promoted as "an opportunity to learn more about farm products, see demonstrations, take walking tours and ask questions about farm life, buy local products direct from the farmer and enjoy some recreational activities with your family. Agritourism connects the public directly with farmers, ranchers and market gardeners for hands- on agriculture experiences and farm-fresh products."
As Leroy watches (r.), Coltin and "Sir" take another guest (me) for a ride.

(Left and below) Leroy guides
guests on a "slow tour."


Debbie desribes her operation while Adam and Lane (on "Winter") look on.

To reads Laura Rance's perspective on "Open Farm" day, just click here.

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