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Pipleline About to be Installed in Manitoba, Presumably to Link to Alberta Tar Sands

Above is a map of the Keystone XL pipeline, designed to carry dirty tar sands oil into the 'States. COMMENT: Construction on this questionable project is now well advanced in southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Isn't it nice how our leaders wait for our permission before proceeding. Do da word "presumptuous" come to mind? l.p. Please also read item directly below.

Senators Push For Hasty Approval of Pipeline For World's Dirtiest and Costliest Oil

AlterNet/by Michael Brune Se 23 - 2010 The oil it promises to provide… Stripping the first layer of 'overburden' a layer of earth, sand and gravel up to 100 feet deep covering the bitumen ore or tar sand. The trees have been removed but, in this case, the topsoil is not being separated. Courtesy of "Beautiful Destruction"