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Rights Activists Share Alternative Nobel

Se 30, 10 by the Associated Press - by Malin Rising STOCKHOLM - Activists from Nepal,

Climate Risks Greater for Long Distance Migratory Birds in Europe

Mark Kniver | BBC News | September 25, 2010 Birds embarking on long distance migrations are more vulnerable to shifts in the climate than ones making shorter journeys, a study suggests. Barn swallows nest under a bridge in southern Manitoba. Might they be afffected, too? Scientists say the increasingly early arrival of spring at breeding sites in Europe makes it harder for the birds to attract a mate or find food. The researchers warn that the "increasing ecological mismatch" can lead to a decline in bird populations. The findings appear in the journal Proceedings B of the Royal Society. Cape May warbler, observed in southern MB, 2008 l.p. photos "The study was based on a very large dataset of 117 migratory bird species that migrate from Africa or southern Europ

Ethanol Maker to Gauge Interest in "Straw-Into-Fuel" Process

Manitoba Co-Operator 9/15/10 An Ottawa enzyme maker... (R.) A tiny part of the massive strawbale backlog at the failed strawboard plant at Eli, MB . l.p. photo