Talisman Energy Donated Big Money to a University of Calgary Climate Skeptic Fund

By Mike De Souza, Postmedia News Sept 13, 2011

OTTAWA — A major Alberta-based oil and gas company helped to kick-start an elaborate public relations project designed to cast doubt on scientific evidence linking human activity to global warming....Details here.

PLT; Below is an email I sent to Barry Cooper, an individual mentioned in the story, followed by his angry response & my own rebuttle. 
Dear Dr. Cooper,
How could an institute of higher learning, devoted to truth and justice, have become involved in such a scheme? I'd very much like to hear back from you, so I can report your response on my blog.
Thank you
Larry Powell

Hi Larry,
Who are you? Does your reference to truth and justice mean you are you an ironist? Do you know nothing at all about universities? Have you never heard of the so-called Climategate scandal? Do you know anything about the reporter who provided the story? Or are you just another boring  greenie religious fanatic? You can , of course report my report on your blog, whatever that is.

I don't pretend to represent truth & justice. But I do go for my articles to sources which are most honest & authoritative. On matters of climate, they are the Nobel-prize winning scientists of the IPCC, not the vested interests of the oil patch. 

The "climategate issue," as you really should know by now, is a dead horse. No less than two independent panels have found that nothing done there detracts from the science. 

Do you hold a degree in atmospheric science? Or is your claim to fame that you are a golfing buddy of Stephen Harper?

That you are anywhere near an institution that shapes the minds of our young people, gives me a chill.

Also, you seem to have anger issues. Perhaps you need help.

Have a green day!
Larry Powell


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