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Peter Kent - Hope Or Disappointment?

-by Larry Powell- So Canada has a new Minister of the Environment! Peter Kent used to be a credible journalist with CBC Television News many years ago. But Kent's appointement comes at a time when Canada's reputation on fighting the scourges of climate change remains in the toilet. He takes over from Jim Prentice, who abandon his post late last year to take a cushy job with a major bank which helps enable the Alberta tar sands, the worlds dirtiest energy project. Such, I guess, are the ethical standards to which Stephen Harper holds his appointees! Harper and his minions have been preaching for some time, Canada will follow the US lead and taylor our environmental policies after them. Interesting. Since President Obama is actually doing something concrete about climate change, I guess that means we will be too, then, Mr. Kent? Obama has given the go-ahead to the Environmental Protection Agency to use powers it has held for some time under the Clean Air Act. Bu