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Is Canada's Flagship TV Newscast Telling the Whole Story of Climate Change?

"The National "- a Critique - by Larry Powell  (Please also watch video at end.) Overall, I believe the coverage of global warming by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is great, on such programs as “The Nature of Things” and “Doc Zone.” On the other hand, “The National,” the network’s nightly TV newscast, continues to disappoint. And here’s why. Last month, it carried a story on the horrific, record-breaking storms, which ravaged many parts of Canada in 2010. Was this climate change, it asked? For the answer, it went to Dave Phillips, official spokesperson for Environment Canada's Meteorological Service, famous for his “weather trivia” calendars. Phillips said it would be "bad science" to suggest a link between these storms and global climate change! Bad science? Phillips did not say; there may be a link but it's not possible to conclude, scientifically, at least not yet. Nor did he say; the storms were at least consistent with the now abund