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Climate Change Makes Major Snowstorms More Likely - Union of Concerned Scientists

Heavy Snowpack, “Spring Creep” Raise Threat Of Record Floods   WASHINGTON (March 1, 2011) – Global warming is “loading the dice” to increase the frequency of record-setting snowstorms like those that have pounded the United States and Europe the past two winters. Full report here. Credit: Reuters

Cougar Declared Extinct in Eastern US

McClatchy News - Mar 2'11 The eastern cougar has been declared extinct, according to a report issued Wednesday by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Read Story here.

The Good Green Blimp

by Staff, Utne Reader - Mar'11   Air cargo is about to go steampunk. Read more here.   Illustration: Science Applications  International Corp. PUBLISHER'S COMMENT: Might this be considered for transporting goods to northern Manitoba communities, now that climate change is rendering surface transport on ice roads unreliable? l.p.

Limited Nuclear War Could Halt Global Warming, Short Term, NASA Predicts

PlanetSave - Michael Ricciardi - Mar 2 '11 NASA climate scientists are playing with fire… from a nuclear war, to be precise…in a computer simulation, that is. Full story here. PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Surely, if anything is provocative, this is! Why not let loose with your thoughts in the "comments" box, below! l.p.