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Chevron Wins Halt to $18 Billion Judgment in Ecuador Pollution Case

NEW YORK, New York, March 7, 2011 (Environment News Service)   Crude oil in a Chevron oil waste pit in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador.  (Rainforest Action Network photo)    In a New York courtroom today, oil giant Chevron Corp. won a halt to enforcement of an $18 billion judgment for oil pollution of the Ecuadorian Amazon imposed by a court in Ecuador. Full story here. PUBLISHER'S COMMENT: To the US judge who made this ruling - "do da word 'sovereignty' ring a bell to ya?" l.p.

California's Regulators Turn Blind Eye to Groundwater Pollution From Dairies

by Jaymi Heimbuch,  Treehugger - San Francisco - 02.28.11 In the Central Valley of California cows generate the same amount of fecal waste as a city of 21  million people, much of which goes untreated and pollutes waterways. Full story here.