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Wholesale Prices Rise 1.6% Due to Biggest Jump in Food Costs in More Than 36 Years

By: The Associated Press - 16/03/2011 WASHINGTON - Higher energy costs and the steepest rise in food prices in nearly four decades drove U.S. wholesale prices up last month by the most in nearly two years. Full story here. PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Weird weather & climate change are surely culprits here! l.p.

Mark Your Calendar - World Water Day is This Tuesday!

Council chapters making waves on World Water Day On March 22 – World Water Day –  Council of Canadians chapters will be  taking action to protect and promote  clean, safe, public water in communities  across Canada. March 22 was designated World Water  Day in 1992 at the United Nations  Conference on Environment and Development  in Rio de Janeiro to raise awareness about the  importance of preserving global water resources.  Since then, communities, organizations and  activists around the world have come together  every year on the day to highlight water struggles  and the need for clean, accessible, public water for  everyone. Council chapters are actively involved in World Water  Day activities organizing at the local level to fight for  water justice. Chapters are fighting against lakes being  turned into dumpsites for mining waste and industrial  abuses of water