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Harper Disgraces Us All Once Again!

If you enjoy this blog, please consider  donating to the author to keep it going.  Just click on the link below . Thanks! - Larry                                                                                                        Dear Editor, Well, it looks as if Prime Minister Harper and his government are once again taking Canada's world reputation on a race to the bottom. Many Canadians were already shaking their heads in disbelief when Mr. Harper disgraced this country's good name by turning his back on a binding international agreement to limit greenhouse gases which cause global warming. Now, its asbestos.  A Cdn. asbestos mine. The Prime Minister's newly-minted government has brazenly refused to sign another international treaty which would simply have warned of its dangers. Asbestos causes deadly diseases including lung cancer.    (r.) This 58-year-old Canadian died in 2004 from mesothelioma, a cancer associated with asbestos exposure. (Courtesy Scotla

Manitoba Crop Report: Things Turn Hot & Dry

08/19/11 Manitoba CO-OPERATOR After several months of cool wet weather, Manitoba has turned hot and dry... Details here. Around Rosetown, Sask.,  farmers say they're worried  the worst drought in decades  could be underway. (CBC) Please also read: Parched Prairies: Latest Drought a Sign of Things to Come? A university of Regina professor calls it climate change!

Climatologist Dave Phillips Blames Climate Change for Destructive Storms

The Canadian Press - Jul 19-11 OTTAWA - The freak windstorm that toppled the main stage at the Ottawa Bluesfest may be a sign of weather to come, warns a top climatologist. Details here. PLT: I'd like to applaud Mr. Phillips for finally using the term "climate change," publicly. More and more scientists such as himself are moving away from the old line that "you can not link climate change to any particularly freak weather event." These freak events are becoming so common and widespread, only the most hidebound of "climate-denier" can any longer argue with any credibility against the fact that climate change is real, it is happening now and is very ominous, indeed.