Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Pakistan Floods - a Year Later

July 27'11 UN - Rome
Smallholders helped back on their feet - but further support needed. Details here.
UN photo

The US House Passes a Bill to Fast-Track the Proposed Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

NRDC Switchboard - Susan Casey-Lefkowitz’s Blog - July 27'11
House under-estimates public concern over oil pipeline spills with bill to rush Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Details here.

PLT: Mercifully, this stupid bill passed by the majority cement-heads in the House, will likely not pass the Senate. So, maybe there is still hope (maybe)! 
Please watch video, "Say no to the ....pipeline...."

Is The Kremlin Now In Charge? Harper Government Silencing Canadian Artists And Scientists

07/27/11 - 350 or bust
The Harper Government is sending out a clear message at home and abroad that if your politics are not correct your art shouldn’t be shown, and if your findings are inconvenient your science doesn’t matter. Details here.                                                                                           
 Harper rendering by PLT
PLT: I wrote the following after reading the "comments" section following the newspaper article. 
"The Sun story is excellent. I'd suggest that those who'd like to discredit the paper and its reporters are Harperites who'd rather defend his misguided efforts to stifle science than hear the truth. The "commenter" who actually believes that the journal Science is "activist" would feel right at home with conspiracy theorists everywhere. The only thing the paper missed in this story was Harper's shameful record at muzzling the science of climate change itself, so Canada can prosper in his image as an ugly 'petro state.'"

The second-largest ice sheet in the Arctic - Canada's Milne sheet, has collapsed.

This animation shows the sheet rapidly receding, losing almost half its mass.