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Manitobans Urged to Vote "Green"

Winnipeg Free Press - 09/7/2011 The Green Party of Manitoba wants you to hear what they have to say. Details here. James Beddome, Leader, Green Party of Manitoba (PLT photo)

Tar Sands Pipelines: Our Moment of Truth Featured

Rafe Mair - The Common Sense Canadian I reflect. We are, I think, at the moment of truth. Either we stop these pipelines or the environmental movement becomes…. Details here.

Drought Intensifies in U.S. South, No End in Sight

Manitoba Co-Operator - Kansas City | Reuters Triple-digit heat breaks records, prolongs misery... Details here. Low water in the Big Blue River, Nebraska

Rupture in Planned US Pipeline Could Release 7m Gallons of Oil (Tar?), Study Warns

Environmental engineers say pipeline operators TransCanada Corp have significantly underestimated the chances of a Keystone XL spill. Details here. PLT: Apparently we are to believe spills  like that of another company, into the Yellowstone R. recently,  simply won't happen quite as much with Keystone!  yeah, right!