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Is Rex Murphy About to Damage the CBC's Reputation?

by Larry Rex Murphy, that pompous darling of the CBC's flagship TV newscast, "The National" and CBC Radio's "Cross-Country Checkup," seems about to jump into the murky waters of climate denial. Rex Murphy caricature courtesy  of By the Bay Art Studio "Friends of Science" is announcing  Murphy will speak to the student body at the University of Calgary on September 29th at an event called "Climate Change 101."  The dishonestly named "Friends....." is actually dedicated to sowing doubt and discrediting peer-reviewed science surrounding global warming.  According to the painstakingly-researched book, "Climate Cover-up," "Friends of Science" had its origins in the Calgary oil patch, among geologists and oil industry PR types determined to discredit the Kyoto Protocol. The main sponsor of the event on the 29th is the "Frontier Centre for Public Policy," a conservative &qu