Thursday, 5 July 2012

Will the Government of Manitoba Protect the Little Saskatchewan River?

Canadian Centre for Policy Ruth Pryzner
The beautiful Little Saskatchewan River (LSR), recognized as a unique habitat for endangered, at-risk and common species, winds its way through Keesekoowenin First Nation and the towns of Minnedosa....Details here.
Minnedosa's ethanol plant with the LSR in foreground. (PLT photo.) 


Anonymous said...

Where are The Obligations of Stewardship?

It is beyond reason. I cannot understand the logic of the Province, issuing a licence for an Irrigation project that will withdraw water from the already fragile ecosystem of the Little Saskatchewan River.

Even in the driest of years, over 50% of the water released at the dam
(Rivers Reservoir), is allotted for this project.This is the one and only,made in Manitoba river.

With it’s headwaters at Riding Mountain National Park, it empties into the Assiniboine River a few miles west of the city of Brandon.

I recall that when we had “dedicated" Water Stewardship Ministers,and under the leadership of Premier Doer, they always stressed
that we, as a province and a people,must do more to save and protect our water sources. All 1.1 million of us have a role to play.

In defence, proponents may call this irrigation project progress and development.I would call it, simply; "exploitation of our water."

Perhaps the Premier and the Conservation/Water Stewardship minister were too busy reading all the comments from people, about the controversial release of a small black bear, and not fully aware of this particular activity taking place in the RM of Daly.

Manitoban’s, this is your water and your river. It is in danger of being annihilated.If you care, let the Premier and Minister know.
You did it for Makoon.

John Fefchak;
Virden, Manitoba.

Anonymous said...

Minister MacIntosh :

I am critical of the proposal to use the Little Saskatchewan River to irrigate land in it's proximity.Firstly, everyone in Agriculture faces the same consequences whether it be a drought or flood.To use this water source would only enhance more pollutants and dangerous toxics back into the River. Withdrawing Water from a low lying area in time of drought would be a disaster.

Nature has claimed these facilities from day one. Displacing Wildlife and Aquatic creatures would dismantle what took Centuries to establish. It would be a different scenario if we were to use high River water as in the Devils Lake situation.

What does your Planning Act suggest ?Are they not the ones who monitor these proposals ? Or are they not paying attention ?

It should be no surprise of what is happening to our Environment in the light of Lake Winnipeg problems; simply because "SOMEONE" has let something get out of hand ?? Do you not think of our Aboriginal Brothers who depend on the River for their needs ?Rivers and Water, etc.are Sacred to these People, not like us that pillage and plunder for a buck !Who has Title to this Resource to do as they please ?? Consequences will follow if the proposal is allowed. Will the existing 3 fixtures not be effected when water is depleted ?

In my humble estimation, Please void the propsal and let Nature follow its course.We have done enough damage. The necessity of Food has been displaced by more "Money". Therefore smaller farming is better, if we know how to use it ! Greed seems to be the driving force and will esculate with allowing this type of abuse of OUR RESOURCES !The Resources of this Province belong to the People (Native and European )and not to a chosen few.(including Government) .We all depend on Government to protect us; please do your part ! You are the Peoples Servant and not a Wholesaler or Resource Agent !

Unless you plan to build Rivers to supply water for every dry field, then please disregard my concerns ! (and that of fellow Manitobans)!!

Time to STOP this unslaught upon our Natural gifts that cannot protect themselves!

Thank you,

joe leschyshyn

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