Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How I Spent my Summer Vacation

Dear Reader,

By way of explaining why my blog has been so dormant, I suffered a heart attack about a month ago. They rushed me by ambulance from Roblin (MB) to the cardiac wing in the Regina General hospital. There, they installed a "stent" in a blocked artery, then did open hearts surgery during which they bypassed six other arteries. Lucky for me, the cardiac ward in Regina and the people who work there, are world-class.

I'm home now, recovering. But I'll now have to visit a sleep clinic in order to deal with my Sleep Apnea which appears to have returned. I may have to start using (for lack of the correct, technical term) a "sleep machine" to help me at night.

Should be able to get back to posting regularly, in short order.

Thinking of you all.



Christine said...

Larry - glad to hear that you are okay - what a way to spend your summer! Good luck/good health as you begin the next stage of your recovery. We need all the "good guys" in the pink of health as we endure another few years of Harper tyranny!

Amie du Richelieu said...

Take care, Larry! Good thoughts your way...

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