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Did the CCPA Get it Right?

PLT; I'm no fan of the big banks, God knows. But, listening to "The Current" on CBC Radio this morning, I began wondering whether the CCPA got it quite right in its recent report, "The Big Banks' Big Secret." Did Canada "bail out" the banks with massive aid, or was it something subtly but significantly different? Listen to the CBC podcast here as it asks the question, "Was there a secret Canadian banking bailout?," then decide for yourself. 

Budget Implementation Act is Gutting of Environmental Laws in Disguise

Elizabeth May - Leader, Green Party of Canada. Columbia Icefield - Jasper/Banff Nat'l. Parks.  Larry Powell. P in P photo. “Most of Bill C-38 has nothing to do with fiscal matters or what a budget is supposed to do.  Instead, it attacks environmental legislation, amending the Environmental Assessment Act, the Fisheries Act, the Species at Risk Act, and repealing the Kyoto Implementation Act, along with cancelling the National Round Table on Environment and Economy,” said May. Read more here.

Life in a Toxic Town (Letter)

Wpg Free Press May 2 '12 (Fort McMurray, Alberta)....this former small northern town is perhaps the most polluted and.... Details here.