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Gutting the Fisheries Act in Canada

By: Gus Van Harten  05/3/2012 Wpg Free Press Among the Harper government's latest environmental reforms -- packed like sardines into the budget -- Canada's Fisheries Act will soon protect fish habitat only in designated waterways. Details here.  Fishing boats at Gimli, Lk. Winnipeg.

Envoironmentalism Has Failed.

by David Suzuki.  "Over the past 50 years, environmentalists have succeeded in raising awareness, changing logging practices, stopping... " Complete story here. ==== PLT: A chilling admission from a great Canadian. I'm sure your message was as hard for you to deliver as it was for us to hear, David. That you have kept fighting in the face of incredible odds over the years is what needs to be remembered here. And, just as I will not give up the battle in my own small corner, despite those odds, I just know that you will not, either! Thanks for the courage and wisdom you have already shown and for that which so many of us will be counting on in the time ahead.