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A Rural Municipality in Manitoba Gets Served With Freedom of Information Papers

Dear Editor, I guess only time will tell whether my local government, the RM of Shell River, will opt to build another earthen sewage lagoon, this one in the country west of Roblin, or turn to more modern technology for the treatment of human waste.          (Read earlier story here.)       A Manitoba company called Blue Diamond Technologies, Ltd., briefed the Council last week on its own, more modern system which is already treating hog waste right here in this province. Three company officials presented details of their technology to the last RM meeting. They explained they are already testing their system on sewage in the Town of Carman. They maintain their way is not only more eco-friendly but likely cheaper than a lagoon, as well. The Reeve and Councillors gave them a fair hearing and asked questions to get more information. I've certainly read and heard enough to know, I think, that there are many drawbacks with the old-style lagoons. Given this fact, and based