Thursday, 23 May 2013

It's Time to Abolish the Senate

Roll up the red carpet. Details here.

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John Fefchak, Virden, Manitoba, CA said...

I am sharing my feelings on our Senate situation.. I am not doing this to
start a "new controversy;" just expressing the way that I feel about it's existence and why Canadians should be careful about getting rid of
something that has a purpose and role in protecting Canada and Canadians
from the "democratic element".

Regardless of the colour of the stripe that one
might wear or represent, I believe we still need a Senate.

Before anyone goes ahead to actually make the abolishing of the Senate, a reality, it might be prudent to do some back ground research and investigate, "why the Senate was
established in the first place."

"The Senate was created under the Constitution Act, 1867, primarily to protect regional interests but also to provide what George-Etienne Cartier called a "power of resistance to oppose the democratic element."

Hence the senate here, based on the House of Lords concept in England, was explicitly designed to check the actions of parliament (the democratic element). In this regard, the biggest nightmare scenario was: the democratic election of a government that would nationalize resources, redistribute income, property,etc.

Yes it is time to make a change, not to abolish the Senate,but revamp what Canadians need and must have ……for protection.

Who or What will take the place of what we are now campaigning to scuttle.? That is the question? and that question needs to be answered.

Why are the people of Canada paying for and accepting the senate to continue, many might ask.? For it seems to have no role to play in to-days evolution and ideals of government.

At one time, the Senate was the inner conscience and a refuge for second sober thoughts and compassion. Of late, those principles, sadly, have been put aside and abandoned The integrity of what was once, a respected and morale component of the Parliament of Canada, has all, but disappeared.

Government dominance and some bad apples have resulted in contaminating an honourable place.
The present system of appointing individuals (selected by the Prime

Ministers) has only resulted in "stacking the deck". per-se (in itself) Canadians find themselves paying for two of the same.

The authoritative tentacles are intertwined and commands are directed from the majority government in the lower house.

Maintaining this regime is costly, however when I look at the costs, surpassing $1 billion for hosting the 2010, G20 Summit, (which lasted about 72 hours,) a comparison tells me, the Senate is a bargain at about $110 million per year.

The Red Chamber has fallen from grace, but for the benefit and protection of all Canadians, a Phoenix must be reborn with a procedure to implement an "elected Senate".

Members would have no political affiliation to adulterate their wisdom and decisions. For as I see it, politics only complicates and undermines the obligations and purpose of the Senate's existence.

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