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Lake Ontario's Troubled Waters

Syracuse Post-Standard Oswego, NY -- Lake Ontario is the most stressed of the five Great Lakes, a new study that maps environmental threats to the lakes shows. Details here.

Pasture News of the Week

Grass Notes Awakening Graham Powell Photography The Harper government is putting more than 2 million acres of community pastures up for sale in western Canada, including Manitoba.  These pastures represent one of the largest reserves of remaining native prairie in North America and home to a significant number of endangered species.  Prairie crocus - PLT photo The fact that public hearings are being held into this decision, has been hailed as good news by some observers. Please click here, read on, then come back and tell PLT's "comment section" what you think!

Another Troubling Climate Assessment

Living on Earth The third National Climate Assessment of the US government finds humans unquestionably responsible for recent climate disruption... Full story (& podcast) here. The shrinking Columbia Icefields  of  the Canadian Rockies. PLT photo