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State Waters Might See More Oil-Tanker Traffic

Seattle Times Oil-tanker traffic is expected to increase in Washington waters under an expansion proposal by a Canadian pipeline company. Full story here. PLT: It just never stops, does it? The oil creeps continue to spread their poison like a deadly cancer. Do they ever sleep?

Could Hockey Become an Endangered Sport?

by David Suzuki Photo Credit: kris krüg One benefit of the National Hockey League strike: it gave people time to play outside on real ice! But outdoor skating could face the same difficulties as the NHL – a drastically shorter season or outright cancellation. Research from Montreal’s McGill and Concordia universities shows global warming is already having an effect on outdoor rinks in Canada “Many locations across the country have seen significant decreases in the length of the OSS [outdoor skating season], as measured by the number of cold winter days conducive to the creation of rink ice,” their study states. “This is particularly true across the Prairies, and in Southwest Canada, which showed the largest (and most statistically significant) decreases in the calculated OSS length between 1951 and 2005.”