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Save the CBC From Harper! Please Sign!

Dear Larry, Prime Minister Harper is using his latest budget bill to seize  unprecedented   power over the CBC . Independent public media is a cornerstone of a healthy democracy,  and we canot stand by and let the CBC be  silenced and controlled for partisan political gain. We've teamed up with the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting to fight back --  Please join us and  sign the urgent petition to Free the CBC from political interference ,  then forward this  to everyone. With hope and respect, Matthew on behalf of the ----- Forwarded Message ----- Dear Friend, Jian Ghomeshi, Carol Off, Peter  Mansbridge and every other journalist and creative person at the CBC  will be  beholden to Stephen Harper  if he succeeds in the biggest  and most sinister media takeover Canada has ever seen. Please help us to stop Harper by signing the Free CBC  petition right now.

The Counter-Enlightenment

George Monbiot- the Guardian How government science advisers misrepresent science. Details here.