Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Policy and Poverty in Manitoba - Budget 2013

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
It was a welcome change to hear politicians of all stripes talking about poverty in the lead up to the 2013 provincial budget and in the analysis that followed. Unfortunately much of the chatter will serve the interests of politicians more than those most affected by government decisions. Details here.

Ban the Use of Neonicotinoids in Canada

Elizabeth May, Leader, Green Party of Canada
Pollinators, including honeybees, are a central element of our food system and a critical pillar of our ecology. Details here.

Lots of Buzz About Plight of Disappearing Honeybees

Laura Rance - Winnipeg Free Press
The expression "canary in the coal mine" comes to mind when reading a newly-released U.S. government report on the sorry plight of honeybees. Details here.


Is Manitoba's Brokenhead River about to become a toxic dumping ground for an Alberta-based sand-mining company?

by Don Sullivan Kayakers on the Brokenhead River. A Wikimedia photo. The Brokenhead River begins in the wetlands of Sandilands Provi...