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Common Plants, Animals Threatened by Climate Change, Study Says

Los Angeles Times Richardson's Ground Squirrel. PLT photo. WASHINGTON -- Climate change could lead to the widespread loss of common plants and animals around the world, according to a new study released Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change. Details here.

We Just Passed the Climate's "Grim Milestone"

Mother Jones Over the last couple weeks, scientists and environmentalists have been keeping a particularly close eye on the Hawaii-based monitoring station that tracks how much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere, as the count tiptoed closer to a record-smashing 400 parts per million. Yesterday, we finally got there : The daily mean concentration was higher than at any time in human history, NOAA reported today.  Details here.   Poster designed by PLT. PLT: Authorities did a "double-check" of the number and announced it was a fraction of a ppm below 400. But I think we all get the idea!