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Scientists Find Holes in Monsanto GM Wheat Denial

Common Dreams Monsanto claimed Wednesday that the Oregon field found last week to be contaminated with Monsanto's unapproved GM wheat was an "isolated" incident, and that it was likely either the result of an accident or "sabotage." However, scientists warned Thursday that the biotech giant's denial has many holes. Details here. Related: Illegal GM Wheat Contamination Discovered in US

Ottawa Greenwashes the Tar Sands - at Taxpayer Expense. Greenpeace Video.


A Fragile Ecosystem in Ecuador Threatened by Climate Change

QUITO, (Inter Press Service) - The “páramos” or high plateaus of Ecuador, a crucial source of water, are showing signs of extreme fragility and a troubling loss of capacity to conserve this vital resource and sustain the survival of numerous species found nowhere else on earth. Full story here.