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Agri-Giants Trying to Solve Bee Deaths. Many Believe They Caused Them

St. Louis Post-Dispatch One of every three bites of food we consume  depends on pollination by honeybees , but these overlooked contributors to our food system are continuing to die in stubbornly perplexing ways.  Details here. A honeybee hive, Manitoba,  Canada.   PLT photo.

Great News for the Spirit Bear Coast!

Dear Larry, GREAT NEWS FOR THE SPIRIT BEAR COAST!  In a big win for the spectacular Spirit Bear Coast and its wildlife,  the British Columbia government has just announced its formal opposition to the proposed Northern Gateway tar sands pipeline. This is a key breakthrough in our fight against tar sands development --  and one that would not have been possible without your online activism.

Canada's 'Northern Amazon' on the Brink

The Tyee Report details how industry, climate change could 'eat up' the Mackenzie River Basin and its vital ecological services. Full story here.