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Farmed and Dangerous? — The Canadian Food Inspection Agency Destroys a Shepherd's Livelihood and Her Sheep

A Pipeline Operated by the Enbridge Tarsands Company Spills in Regina, Canada.

The Council of Canadians The Enbridge Line 4 pipeline, a 796,000 barrels per day pipeline from Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin, has spilled 1,350 barrels of oil at a pumping station in Regina. Story here.

Why People Don't Believe in Climate Science, or "It's OK to be Smart!" (Video)

Tarsands Leak Fouls Aquifer In Alberta, Canada. Is it an Isolated Incident?

Winnipeg Free Press A Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. tarsands operation that has contaminated a groundwater aquifer is renewing questions about a technology that has already been linked to another serious leak in northern Alberta. Story here.