Friday, 16 January 2015

Environmental Degradation Puts Life on Earth at Risk, say Scientists

Humans are ‘eating away at our own life support systems’ at a rate unseen in the past 10,000 years, two new research papers say. Story here.

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John Fefchak said...

Yes, there are many concerns being expressed about the environment, and rightly so. However, those concerns will be put aside and dealt with….when the inevitable happens..and Canada and the Canadian public will be confronted with the exorbitant clean-up costs.( $$$) The Exxon Valdez oil spill (1989) and the Gulf, BP oil disaster (2010) are grim reminders, and lessons (to mention a few)….but it seems our government has not learned from those catastrophes, and despite the warnings and perils, will proceed, at all costs, regardless. Regretfully our environment has been sacrificed to the asinine economic exploitations of our leaders. Something we should all realize. "This old earth will get by quite nicely without humans, but humans will not survive if they destroy what we all need to survive", …….WATER , our most precious and finite resource.
Unless we collectively change our behaviour, we are heading for a mwater crises, in the not too distant future.

Man is foolish. He will never know the true worth of water, our most precious resource,until it is all gone and undrinkable.
Man the only creature on this planet who destroys what is so necessary for survival.

Promoters, corporate executives and government officials commonly use the word "sustainable" to soften the unknown consequences of certain development proposals.

But when water, air and the environment are at stake, the use of the word becomes abusive and disrespectful. Water, for instance is not a renewable element, so when a proposed project endangers a water supply, any attempt to describe it as "sustainable" ought to be rejected, outright.

We should never tolerate the building of dream proposals, touted as economic windfalls, especially when conclusions are based on promises of "sustainability."

Our water, air and environment are much too important to be sacrificed in the board game called "Greed."

The Precautionary Principle, by Prof. David Suzuki only re-enforces my words when he says,"Until you know the harm you are causing by an action, it is best to avoid that action."
The simple lesson that we need to remind ourselves of is this:

We, are all but strands in the web of life. And anything we do to the web ultimately affects us all.

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