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The Sale of Monsanto's Toxic Weedkiller is Banned in the Netherlands!

SumOfUs The government of the Netherlands just took a huge step to protect its citizens and banned Monsanto’s super-toxic pesticide Roundup – and it's time more countries did the same. Sign here. PinP photo.

Join Dr. Vandana Shiva in Telling President Obama to Protect Seed Freedom and Food Democracy

Center for Food Safety President Obama will be meeting with the Indian  Prime Minister on January 25 and 26. In response, activist, author and physicist, Dr. Vandana Shiva has written an open letter to the President and the Prime Minister on seed freedom and food democracy. She urges the two leaders to renounce the patenting of life and to stop pursuing “harmonization” of seed patenting laws which would further extend corporate control of our seeds and food.  Click here to sign. Organic fava beans. Will they be next?  PinP photo.

"CHASING ICE" Captures Largest Glacier Calving Ever Filmed - OFFICIAL VIDEO

PinP - This video is 12 years old. I guess the deniers would have us believe this kind of shit never happens, or at least hasn't happened since?