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Kate Storey Selected to Run Again for the Green Party of Canada in Dauphin – Swan River - Marquette.

Onanole, MB.  by Larry Powell - Green Party of Canada. “It’s time to end ‘top-down’ politics in this country,” Storey declared, as a group of dedicated supporters voted unanimously to again endorse her this weekend as their party’s choice in the federal election later this year. " Vote Green and give your MPs the ability to actually represent the people for a change,” she declared. If elected, Storey promised to dedicate herself to fight against the scourges of climate change, and for the principles of social justice and democracy. Kate Storey, candidate, Green Party of Canada. Dauphin - Swan River - Marquette. She and her husband, Doug have been operating an organic farm near Grandview for years. They’ve become living examples of how sustainable agriculture can succeed in a sea of industrial farms, where genetic modification, pesticides and monoculture are increasingly compromising the quality of our food and the very survival of precious pollinators, such as h

Radical Shift in Agriculture Critical to Making Future Food Systems Smarter, More Efficient

UN News Climate change and increasing competition for natural resources have essentially rendered the agriculture model of the past 40 years unsustainable, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization ( FAO ) has stressed, calling for a ‘paradigm shift’ in food production. Story here. Combining wheat in Manitoba.  Larry Powell - PinP photo.

Richest 1% to Have More Than Rest Of Humanity Combined

Common Dreams New Oxfam report shows the scale of global inequality is "simply staggering." Story here.