Monday, 2 March 2015

Residents of São Paulo – Brazil’s "Failing" Mega-City - Struggle as Water Taps Run Dry.


Many residents are hoarding water in their apartments – and some are even drilling homemade wells – as they prepare for possible rationing. Story here.

World's Largest Bee-Killing Corporation Threatens to Sue an Advocacy Group Trying to Save the Precious Pollinators! PLEASE DONATE!

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Honeybee. PinP photo.
We've just received a letter from a major corporate agribusiness firm threatening legal action unless we stop our campaign to save the bees. The letter came from a contractor for Bayer, one of the biggest producers of bee-killing pesticides in the world--which means we could be facing a long, drawn out legal fight against corporations with incredibly deep pockets. PLEASE HELP!  CONTRIBUTE HERE!