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Officials Blame Climate Change for 'Worse Than Worst Case Scenario' in Vanuatu

Common Dreams 'For leaders of low-lying island atolls, the hazards of global a catastrophe that impinges on our rights—and our survival,' says Pacific Island leader. Story here.

Antibiotics Are No Longer Making Pigs Bigger

Mother Jones For decades, it's been thought that low, regular doses of antibiotics help livestock grow big—thus increasing meat producers' profits. So common is the practice of lacing farm animals' feed with the drugs that an astonishing four-fifths of all antibiotics in the United States now go to livestock. Story here.

A Breathtaking Ode to the Beauty and Importance of the Imperiled Songbird, and What it Will Mean if we Lose Them. (Video-go full-screen)

Produced by SongbirdSOS Productions Inc.    The full show will be aired on CBC TV's The Nature of Things on March 19 at 8pm.