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Lynton Crosby Abandons Harper

THINKPOL The Australian dirty tricks strategist brought in last month to salvage Stephen Harper’s re-election campaign has abandoned the Conservatives, according to the spin doctor’s partner. Story here.

Fracking Studies Overwhelmingly Indicate Threats to Public Health

inside climate news A comprehensive new look at a wide range of research concludes that fracking inevitably pollutes water and air and harms people. Story here.

American Farmland Titan Eyes Canada

Alberta Farmer "Farmers National" manages two million acres in the U.S. Details here.

Canada Election: How Stephen Harper’s Fossil Fuel Gamble May Have Backfired

theguardian The Conservative prime minister pledged to make the country an ‘energy superpower’, but with the election ahead and many Alberta residents struggling to make ends meet, a promise has become a liability for Harper. Story here.