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The Free Trade Agreement Between the EU and Canada Threatens Water Management

Image PinP  photo During the secret negotiations of the free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada known as CETA, the European Commission always maintained that water would be excluded from the treaty, and that the choice on how to manage services related to the production and distribution of drinking water by the public authorities would not be questioned. But a careful reading of the consolidated text of CETA shows that the reality is different. Details here.

How Tanzania plans to light up a million homes with solar power

theguardian In a country where only 40% of people have access to grid electricity, the government is looking to sunshine to power health centres and homes. Story here.

The Most Brazen Corporate Power Grab in American History

Chris Hedges If there is no sustained uprising to prevent the passage of the TPP in Congress this spring we will be shackled by corporate power. Wages will decline. Working conditions will deteriorate. Unemployment will rise. Our few remaining rights will be revoked. The assault on the ecosystem will be accelerated. Banks and global speculation will be beyond oversight or control. Food safety standards and regulations will be jettisoned. Story here.