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New Platform Reveals How Much Carbon Is Locked in Tropical Forests – and How Much Was Lost

WRI Between 2001 and 2013, greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation across the world’s tropical forests were, on average, larger than Russia’s economy-wide emissions in 2012. That’s 2,270 million metric tons (Mt) of carbon dioxide every year . More here.

Genetically Modified Mustard is Unsafe for Us. Stop potential approval of its cultivation Vandana Shiva This ‘new’ mustard in our kitchen could soon be harmful to us. More here. 

The World Mourns One of its Greats: Maurice Strong Dies, His Legacy Lives On.

Image " This is not just a technical issue. Everybody's actions are motivated by their inner life, their moral, spiritual and ethical values. Global agreements will be effective when they are rooted in the individual commitment of people, which arises from their own inner life." More here.