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A dirty deal: How the Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens our climate  The deal fails to even mention the words “climate change”—a clear sign it is not “a 21st-century trade agreement,” as some have claimed. More here.

’Twas the Night Before Christmas…Larry takes crass liberties with the classic old poem to serve his own narrow, selfish ends!

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land  global warming was here. It was grand! It was grand!  Cars would start! Ice would melt!  Folks wore their light clothes! While up through their chimneys mere wisps of smoke rose! On the air one could hear mindless forecasters say "It's seven degrees. Hope this thaw lasts 'til May!"  But up at the pole it was not Santa's day. Two of his reindeer had just passed away. Dasher and Dancer had sadly drowned while playing with mates confined to the ground.  There was a river they could normally cross but its ice had grown thin in the tenuous frost.  So the two were not helped by the fact they could fly  and the deep, clear water is where they did die.  The Great White Bears of the north met similar ends  just as learned scholars did portend.  Christmas day dawned in the south  but alas, 'twas not white lawns were brown fields were black it just didn't seem rig

Ecojustice files complaint with Competition Bureau against climate denial groups

NATIONAL OBSERVER Ecojustice, on behalf of a group of prominent Canadians, has filed a complaint with the federal Competition Bureau, asking it to investigate false and misleading representations made by climate change denier groups. More here.

How palm oil cultivation in Borneo is threatening the ecosystem everywhere

The Washington Post Ahead of the Paris Sustainable Innovation Forum , COP21, taking place this month, In Sight spoke with wildlife photographer and filmmaker Mattias Klum, who will be among the many conservationists and activists speaking on environmental issues that threaten the Earth’s ecosystem. Klum has traversed the world as a photographer and filmmaker for National Geographic, documenting ecosystems from the Galapagos to the Okavango Delta in Botswana. But he believes that one of the Earth’s most pressing environmental concerns is palm oil cultivation in Indonesia and Malaysia, illustrated here in his stunning series of photographs. More here.