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Wildrose Leader Brian Jean is opposing same changes protecting farm workers he once agreed with

PRESSPROGRESS It sounds like Brian Jean is  flip flopping once again. The leader of Alberta's Wildrose Party has been  making hay over Bill 6 lately, new legislation that seeks to correct Alberta's potentially unconstitutional labour laws by  extending Workers' Compensation Board coverage to paid farm workers and bringing workplace safety up to par with other Canadian provinces . "What goes around comes around," Jean recently told one rally  opposing these changes. Funny thing about that, mind you – Jean didn't seem to think the proposed WCB changes he's currently opposing were such a bad idea eight months ago. MORE HERE.

Vultures are Revolting. Here’s Why We need to Save Them

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC The scavengers do the dirty work of cleaning up after death. With their numbers plummeting, we’re learning how much we need to keep them alive. More here.