Thursday, 19 January 2017

Ontario Stops Nestlé in its Tracks


Huge news -- the government in Ontario, Canada just issued a moratorium to block Nestlé 
from sucking up water from a small community experiencing drought conditions! Thanks 
to tireless work from grassroots groups and with support from over 168,000 SumOfUs members 
who spoke out, submitted public comments and donated to blanket the airwaves with radio ads, 
corporate giant Nestlé has been stopped in its tracks. 

But the fight to stop Nestlé from bullying local communities isn’t over.
The state of Michigan is weeks away from deciding on a plan to charge Nestlé just $200 
for a permit to double the amount of groundwater it can take to bottle and sell at a 
massive profit. Residents in Evart, Michigan need your help to stand up to Nestlé once again.

Our original email from last month:
Nestlé's at it again. This time, it 
wants to suck up 100M gallons of 
groundwater in a tiny U.S. town 
for just $200.
How can the government hand 
over its water for pennies so a giant corporation can profit? Tell 
the state of Michigan to reject 
this ridiculous deal.
Nestlé's about to lock down another massive corporate giveaway of precious fresh water -- unless we can pressure the U.S. state of Michigan to stand up to the water bottling behemoth.
Only miles away from Flint, Michigan -- where the local government switched the water supply and poisoned the community's water to save a few bucks -- the Michigan water authority is considering letting Nestlé double the amount of groundwater it takes to bottle and sell for profit.
The cost to Nestlé? $200 a year.
Tell Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality to cancel this ridiculous plan.

Residents are furious, and rightly so. Water should be a public resource, not sold off for 
private profit. 
Nestlé is already the largest owner of private water sources in Michigan, and the 
water-guzzling corporation has deep ties to the Michigan Governor's office. Deb Muchmore, 
the head spokesperson for Nestlé Michigan, is married to the Governor’s former chief of staff. 
Perhaps we should stop wondering why Nestlé keeps getting so much from the state 
government for so little.

Luckily local water regulators haven't made a final decision yet, so we still have time to raise a 
huge public outcry and pressure them to back down. 
What's more, the pressure is working -- after residents raised alarms about the plan, the 
Department of Environmental Quality promised to hold a public hearing and accept public 
comments on the project. 

No one fights Nestlé’s greedy water grabs like SumOfUs members. Just last summer, the 
corporate giant was taking millions of gallons of water from Canada’s western water table for 
pennies while wildfires threatened the entire coast. Hundreds of thousands of us stood up and 
said: “NO!” We made front page news in Canada and got the government to commit to 
review water rates. And we’ve helped do the same in California and in Oregon -- where the 
Thanks for all that you do,
Angus, Liz, Toni and the rest of the SumOfUs team 

More information: 

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