Churchill residents fear skyrocketing costs as flooded rail line closed indefinitely

Winnipeg Free Press
First, the grain shipments shut down, shuttering the Port of Churchill.
Then the blizzards hit, dumping 60 centimetres of snow in just three days last winter and forcing town authorities to call a state of emergency. Story here.


John Fefchak said…
History tells us that the railway to Churchill was laid some 85 + years ago…a life line to the people who lived there. It was well used, militarily, commercially and for the tourists and visitors. I have been there several times during my military career.
The past years have been troublesome and challenging for the railway.
I am one who believe that with the world warming trend occurring, the muskeg and perma frost areas are slowly collapsing; and they will no longer support this method of travel. Reconstruction/rebuilding and maintenance would be extremely costly.
Churchill may have to accept that it will be an isolated port, only accessible by air and water.

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