Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Neurotoxin found in some Lake Winnipeg algae


UBC researchers found BMAA toxin in high concentrations in 25% of algal blooms tested in Manitoba lake. Story here.

Lake Winnipeg. Greenpeace photo.

A FOOTNOTE: In the interests of fairness and accuracy, it should be pointed out that it was Eva Pip,
a long-time water expert at the University of Winnipeg, and a colleague who are on the record as first confirming BMAA in Lake Winnipeg, NOT the BC research team referenced in the CBC story.  


Find Prof. Pip's research here.

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John Fefchak said...

Previously, I had shared this news with Prof. Eva PiP…..and this was her response. "We published a lot on this about microcystin and BMAA in Lake Winnipeg".

My comments: "IGNORANCE or COMPLACENCY" either one is the right choice.
Nobody paid any attention to "her findings" on Lake Winnipeg.
I'm afraid when it come to protection of our Manitoba water sources and Lake Winnipeg, a number of people and our governments have a very bad habit of "COMPLACENCY,"
and when the inevitable happens, they will point fingers and wonder..."How did this happen"
They don't want to know the Truth!

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