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We can learn so much from nature

Image A forest in Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, rendered "ghost-like" by hoarfrost. PinP photo. If you fly over a forest and look down, you'll see every green tree and plant reaching to the heavens to absorb the ultimate energy source: sunlight. What a contrast when you look down on… Story here.

Scientists say the global ocean circulation may be more vulnerable to shutdown than we thought

The Washington Post A Mexican coastline. PinP photo.  Intense future climate change could have a far different impact on the world than current models predict, suggests a thought-provoking new study just out in the journal Science Advances.   Story here.

Just about everything you buy came at the expense of an endangered animal

The Washington Post Your morning cup of joe, the must-have chair purchased at that trendy furniture store and the palm oil that’s key to a favourite family recipe, all have elements ripped from the habitat of a threatened or endangered animal somewhere in the world. Story here. Burrowing owl. PinP photo.