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We can't let Rex Tillerson become the next US Secretary of State.

Credit: William Munoz/CC BY 2.0 We can't let Rex Tillerson become our next Secretary of State. STAND WITH US Dear Larry - It's on:  ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, whose dubious credits include close ties to Vladimir Putin, sanction-defying business deals with Iran, and millions in donations to climate-change denial groups,  is, after yesterday's Senate confirmation hearing, one step closer to becoming Secretary of State. Tillerson's countless conflicts of interest and relationships with dictators and oligarchs make him the most dangerous cabinet pick in recent memory. His record at ExxonMobil -- corruption schemes, human rights abuses, investor fraud -- paints a terrifying picture of America's diplomatic future.

Turbulent times ahead for air travel?

THE ROYAL SOCIETY Scientists are now discovering that climate change and air travel could be having huge impacts on each other. Story here. PinP photo.

U.S. takes step to boost organic food production

Western  Producer The U.S. Department of Agriculture has taken a step toward increasing the production of organic foods – which has not kept pace with demand, by launching a program to certify farmland that growers are in the process of switching to organic. Story here. An organic garden in Manitoba. PinP photo.