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Europe should expand the ban on bee-harming pesticide, say campaigners

the guardian The threat posed to bees by neonicotinoid pesticides is greater than perceived in 2013 when the EU adopted a partial ban, new report concludes. Story here. PinP photo Please also read how the EPA is disgracefully bowing to pressure from industry in the fight to protect bees, here.


Add your name and tell President-elect Trump: NO dangerous Bayer-Monsanto merger! Larry, On Wednesday, President-elect Trump sat down with Bayer CEO Werner Baumann and Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant at Trump Tower and had a “productive meeting” on “the future of the agriculture industry” 1  and the pending merger between the two companies. 2 Trump has heard from the CEOs. Now we need you to make your voice heard. Add your name and tell President-elect Trump: NO to the dangerous Bayer-Monsanto merger >>

Farmers hurt by Yancoal’s divide and conquer strategy

Trevor Herriot’s Grass Notes Saskatchewan is already well known for its potash mining and now another massive, multi-billion dollar project could soon be developed north of Regina.   Story here .

Exxon's Potential Climate Fraud

Dear Reader, Help shine a light on Exxon's potential climate fraud: Give $15 or more to Friends of the Earth Action! It could be the biggest case of corporate fraud in history. Exxon knew about climate change as early as the 1970s. It’s been lying for decades about the greatest environmental crisis the planet has ever faced. It secretly funded a campaign of denial to discredit the work of climate scientists. And it may have committed fraud in the process. If that weren’t bad enough, Donald Trump has now nominated Exxon’s own CEO, Rex Tillerson, to Secretary of State -- one of the most powerful positions in his administration.