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Are the billionaire American Koch brothers playing climate politics in Alberta?

NATIONAL OBSERVER It’s a well-known fact that Charles and David Koch — owners of the second-largest private company in America — have been funding climate change denial in the U.S. for decades. Story here.

World’s Last Intact Forests Are Becoming Increasingly Fragmented

WORLD RESOURCES INSTITUTE Clearing in the boreal forest, Canada. PinP photo. Intact forest landscapes (IFLs), or vast stretches of unbroken forest wilderness, are some of the most important ecosystems in the world. And they are under threat. Story here.

Acclaimed Canadian author lays out dirty back story of fossil fuel industry and government

NATIONAL OBSERVER Jessica Ernst, the biologist who on Friday, lost a split decision in the Supreme Court of Canada over suing the Alberta Energy Regulator, is no ordinary person. Story here.