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The Guardian view on Trump and global warming: the right fight - Editorial

Historic flood - Red River Valley, Manitoba., 1997. Gov't. of MB photo. The president-elect should understand that America needs to shoulder global responsibilities, and that in doing so America will benefit by owning the technologies of the future. Story here.

Ontario Stops Nestlé in its Tracks

+SumOfUs Larry, Huge news -- the government in  Ontario, Canada just issued a moratorium to block Nestlé  from sucking up water from a small community experiencing drought conditions!  Thanks  to tireless work from grassroots groups and with support from over 168,000 SumOfUs members  who spoke out, submitted public comments and donated to blanket the airwaves with radio ads,  corporate giant Nestlé has been stopped in its tracks.  But the fight to stop Nestlé from bullying local communities isn’t over. The state of  Michigan is weeks away from deciding on a plan to charge Nestlé just $200  for a permit to double the amount of groundwater it can take to bottle and sell at a  massive profit.  Residents in Evart, Michigan need your help to stand up to Nestlé once again. Tell the State of Michigan to say no to this massive corporate giveaway. Stop Nestlé now. Our original email from last month: Nestlé's at it again. This time, it  wants to suck up  10