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‘It’s going to be grim, but there will still be coral’: Scientists call for realism about reefs

The Washington Post With coral reefs all over the world suffering ongoing bleaching and death at the hands of warming ocean waters — from remote coral atolls in the Indian Ocean to Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef — the future of these beloved marine ecosystems appears increasingly grim. But while experts almost universally agree that climate change will continue to shape the future of the world’s corals, some scientists insist that there’s still hope for them. Story here.

Climate Change Is Killing New England’s Moose. Can Hunters Save Them?

inside climate news Ticks that flourish as temperatures rise are decimating the once-thriving population. Some experts think reducing moose numbers is the best way to save them. Story here. A moose in Riding Mountain National Park, Canada. PinP photo.

A 10-year old's vision for healing the planet | Genesis Butler | TEDxCSULB



SIERRA CLUB BC The results of the BC election are finally in, and the message is clear: Almost sixty per cent of voters called for a review or cancellation of the Site C dam. Their concerns must be honoured by the incumbent government. Details here.

Toxic Cocktail of Man-Made Chemicals Found in Great Barrier Reef Turtles

EcoWatch Green Sea Turtles in Australia's Great Barrier Reef are some of the world's most majestic creatures. They have a lifespan of up to 50 years, but after recent results from blood tests on the marine animals, their health might be in jeopardy. Story here.   Photo by Nize @ English Wikipedi

Not So Funny: The Arctic is Leaking Laughing Gas

EcoWatch Nitrous oxide, the main ingredient in laughing gas, is 300 times more potent as a greenhouse gas, than carbon dioxide. And scientists believe it could be leaking from ancient reservoirs beneathArctic permafrost.  Details here. Melting permafrost in Canada's Arctic.  Photo: Charles Tarnocai/Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada