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Song diversity hints at thrushes' evolutionary past

AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGICAL SOCIETY Photo by Matt MacGillivray The Hermit Thrush is famous for its melodiously undulating song, but we know very little about whether its songs vary across the large swath of North America that it calls home in the summer. A new study from "The Auk" provides the first thorough overview of geographic variation in Hermit Thrush song structure and hints at how isolation and adaptation shape differences in the tunes of a learned song within a species. Details here.

Climate change and the world’s oceans

UN News Centre NOAA photo centre. The vital link between oceans and climate change is among the issues at the forefront of discussions at the United Nations Ocean Conference taking place in New York from 5 to 9 June.  Story here.

It's World Oceans Day. Tell Canada to Protect Them.

Canada should keep its 10 per cent marine protection promise Dear Larry,  I’ve loved oceans my whole life. So I’m watching as world leaders gather in New York this week to discuss how to conserve and sustainably use them. Canada’s government is starting to take action on its 10 per cent marine protection commitment. But with less than one per cent protected, there’s still a long way to go. Please encourage the federal government to meet its targets while creating high-quality protection for orcas, belugas, salmon, puffins and more.  Send your letter to government now . Protect oceans now