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Epicentres of Climate and Security (Video)


Weaver crashes B.C. Hydro media briefing, chastises Hydro over Site C

VANCOUVER SUN The largest, most expensive project in B.C. history continued to degenerate into a political mess Wednesday, after B.C.’s Green party leader crashed a media briefing on the proposed $9-billion Site C dam and publicly rebuked top B.C. Hydro officials for misleading numbers. Story here.

Climate action opposites: Canada vs United Kingdom

NATIONAL OBSERVER Horizon Project. Alberta tar sands. Photo by "Beautiful Destruction." Two nations. Opposite tactics, opposite results. As the United Kingdom racks up climate wins, Canada might want to be taking notes.  More here.

Countries agree on decisive and urgent actions to restore marine world to health as Ocean Conference concludes

Universal agreement on need for measures to reverse ocean deterioration. Details here.