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Made-in-Manitoba carbon tax falls short, says Arctic climate change expert

CBC news Sea-ice researcher David Barber argues provincial $25-per-tonne tax a good start but not aggressive enough. Story here. The flooded rail line to Churchill.  Photo by Omnitrax.

More alarm bells sound over drug usage in the world's intensive livestock operations. Will Manitoba listen?

by Larry Powell writes from  SHOAL LAKE, MANITOBA. The World Health Organization is  ramping up its warnings  about the health risks of giving antibiotics to animals raised in intensive livestock operations (ILOs) everywhere.  In   an announcement in Geneva this week ,   the UN agency had some straight talk for the world’s food industry and animal farmers in the form of several formal recommendations: •                Stop giving antibiotics to food animals altogether  if it’s just to speed their growth - or prevent disease .  A CanStock photo image. •                Don’t give   them to healthy animals unless disease has already been diagnosed in another part of the same herd. •                Cut back on the amount of antibiotics given to animals for any reason.  •                And even when animals become sick, o nly give them antibiotics not considered critically important in the treatment of human infections . (Drugs used in