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With one island’s losses, the king penguin species shrinks by a third

ScienceNews King penguin chicks, South Georgia. by Butterly austral. It’s unclear what has happened to what was the largest of king penguin colonies in the 1980s .  Story here.

When the EPA sided with factory farms, she quit. (Video)

Back in 2001, Michele Merkel worked for the EPA. One of her first cases was with farmers who were suing mega-hog factory farms for polluting the community's air and water.  When the EPA sided with the giant corporations, she quit. Now Michele works at Food & Water Watch, fighting for laws and legislation that force our government and the EPA to protect your water, air and food from factory farms — as they are mandated to do. Check out Michele's TEDx Talk to hear her story and how you can fight with Michele against factory farms.